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The Impact of a Community App

Remember how in Men in Black an entire universe hung from the collar of an ordinary house cat? Okay, so it’s not QUITE that cool but a solid municipal app can put everything about a community that matters on a smart phone that can fit in the pocket of your Levis.


The best relationships are the ones where each party gets what they want. This dynamic is no different when it comes to the relationship between communities and their residents. So, what qualities can make both great? Connection and communication! The MyCity app from NEAD, Inc., was inspired by the belief that every city needs a well-functioning, cost-effective app that connects citizens to their community, local government, and services. Clearly, mobile technology is the best way to achieve this connection.


As the United States continues to pull itself from the real estate crisis, building strong communities is more important than ever. Governments depend both financially and socially on people — on citizens. More technologically progressive locations across the United States enhance quality of life for residents by embracing mobile technology, but apps like MyCity are beginning to offer the same high tech community strengthening to more diverse locations.


Local leaders are scrambling to find ways to bolster neighborhood relationships by connecting with citizenry. A tool like MyCity offers open dialogue between community leaders and residents. It also offers convenience.




  • Push notifications can be geo-targeted at citizens based on their location or sent to any person who requests the information. This ability has far-reaching importance in terms of safety as well as commercial use.
  • In the event of a tragedy or emergency, large or small, consider the impact of sending instant notifications. Instructions, safety updates, and warnings are instantly shared. The antiquated Emergency Response System is a thing of the past when information is so effectively diffused within the community.
  • Is a streetlight malfunctioning or is maintenance needed? Residents can send notifications to the appropriate department on the spot via their phone.
  • Need to pay a municipal bill? Residents can use MyCity to make a payment.
  • Want to communicate with Animal Control or apply for a pet license? Look no further than your phone.
  • The app offers custom forms for any city need; citizens can skip the trip to City Hass and file building permits, business applications, licenses, and public records requests at their convenience from their own phones.
  • Does the community host special events? Residents and subscribers receive push notifications to remind them.
  • The app also offers business maps and directories to promote local economic development. The city has the ability to feature a local business, highlight new businesses, and allow businesses to offer special deal to locals. All of this strengthens the tie between citizens, commerce, and city government.


Yes, it is trite, but the possibilities are endless. Classified ads? Local business listings and reviews? Park and Rec information? Connections to City Hall? All bring the community closer together by offering new levels of convenience via mobile technology.


Another HUGE bonus is apps are paperless which offers the additional benefit of being green.


The outmoded nature of websites is old news; everybody knows they simply do not allow for effective mobile interaction. The truth is the whole mobile movement is driven by convenience- by the desire for instant connection to information. The MyCity app keeps residents loving where they live by incorporating this convenience into their everyday life.


It’s a global world, but it is imperative that we focus on local communities. Comprehensive mobile municipal apps link people via cutting-edge technology while still offering a simple user interface. The combination of effectiveness and ease of use is key.


Municipal apps are new and different and perfectly poised to change how every city in America functions; they truly have the potential to strengthen communities by bringing people and local governments together.