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The Future of Application Integration and ESB in the Cloud

Traditionally, EAI and application integration has been done using point to point interfaces or by utilizing commercial integration engines that each enterprise individually buys, installs, configures, and maintains at great expense in terms of license, administration, and maintenance resources.


However, in reality, there is only a finite set of integration patterns and connectors that are required to hook up different applications together and allow them to exchange data securely and efficiently. Basically, each of these companies is doing unnecessary extra work and paying unnecessary extra money.


Why should each enterprise need to reinvent the wheel of EAI/integration/ESB (Enterprise Service Bus)? It seems to me that the recent advances in cloud technology need to be applied to the Integration, EAI and ESB environments.


What if you had a very effective, lightweight, small-footprint Open Source ESB/Integration engine based on Open Source that runs in all flavors of cloud services? Why not have the ability to provision, monitor and manage your Composite/SOA/ESB/Integration/EAI applications to popular cloud services providing platform-as-a-service right from your IDE or web based Administration Console? I believe it’s not rocket science to be able to accomplish this and its benefit is very clear. That is what we do.


LogiCoy, Inc. develops products and solutions that address integration, data warehouse, and security requirements concentrating on Healthcare, Telecommunications, and Financial industries. Our open source ESB (OpenESB) provides the ability to create Composite Service Oriented Applications once and deploy them anywhere on any application server or standalone java environments and on any operating system and hardware platform or virtual or cloud environments. We are the original development managers, architects and developers who created the Sun GlassFish ESB, JCAPS, ICAN and eGate products. LogiCoy also provides world class, global 24×7 support and monitoring, implementation service for OpenESB/GlassFish and GlassFish ESB.