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Call Centers can Offer Quality Customer Service

A Simple Hello


When was the last time you called a large company and had the phone answered by a real live person? A simple “Hello” is very difficult to find today. Instead, phones are often answered today by a computerized voice offering different numeric options. You may be offered a choice of which language you would like to hear, which department you would prefer to be transferred to, some companies even give an option of a call back when their representatives are not so busy.  This computerized phone system has become the norm today, leaving customers dealing with numbers and options, often wondering just how they might be able to get through to a real, live representative.


The Voice of Your Company


By automating this preliminary part of the phone system, manpower is freed up to service customer calls. This means that when a customer does find the right number to press for the correct department, they will be looking to speak to a representative who has excellent call center training. Nothing aggravates a customer more than braving the computerized part of a company phone system only to find a poorly trained representative on the other end of the line. Because they are the voice of your company, the call center employees will leave an impression on the customer, shaping their opinion about your company and determining if they will remain a customer.


Excellent Call Center Employees


Customer service training is essential for call center employees. With this type of training, representatives learn not only how you would like your company to be represented, but also some techniques that will help them wow the customer. The first thing taught in this type of training is that every call is important. Each phone call should be addressed with an open mind ready to assist. The second step in training is based on effective listening techniques. By learning how to listen, take notes, and verbalize concerns back to the customer, call center representatives will be able to truly understand what the customer needs instead of reading from a script and leaving the customer frustrated. The third critical lesson for a call center representative involves first call resolution. 93 percent of call center professionals surveyed said that being able to resolve the customer issue on the first phone call is critically important. Before taking their first call, representatives should know about each of the types of calls that may come through their phone, and be trained in how to resolve the issues. Call center employees who  work with customers and reach a resolution are much more effective than those who are simply trained to pass on the call to another representative. In the case that an issue cannot be resolved by the initial representative, clear lines of communication need to exist so the employee will know where they can turn for assistance with resolution.


Customer Service is Always Memorable


If your business depends on a call center for help with answering customer phone calls, it is critical that you work with one that has excellent customer service training. The representative on the other end of the phone is often the only contact your customer will have with the business, and will leave an impression, either good or bad. By working closely with representatives on training and skills, you can be sure your customers are always left with a positive memorable phone experience.