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5 Startups Apple ripped off and other changes announced at WWDC 2013

Yesterday at the WWDC 2013, Tim Cook announced what may be some of the biggest changes to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone.

Here are the top 5 changes you can expect in the Fall release of iOS 7:


The most significant change will be in the design. Skeumorphism, which simulates real-world textures, has been expected to receive iteration since the 2012 departure of iOS executive Scott Farrell. The most iconic examples of the soon-to-be-retired design include the green felt background in Game Center and the wood grain in Newsstand.

The home screen will also be improved with a parallax effect, making the app icons appear 3-Dimensiona

2. iTunes Radio

Similar to Pandora, iTunes Radio will stream your favorite music by genre, artist and other stations. Although free and ad-supported, what Apple has improved on is the monetization strategy. Now a user can favorite a song to later be purchased through their synced iTunes account.

3. Photo Sharing

Air Drop was also announced today at WWDC, which is a better way to share photos with nearby users over the wireless connection. Multiple users can contribute photos and videos, and can also comment in-stream.

Another notable upgrade to the photos and camera feature is the ability to save photos as “Moments” – which will make uploads easier on social media networks. These “Moments” are determined by location and date, so your birthday party photos will automatically be cataloged separate from your vacation photos, etc.

4. Apple Vs. Startups

Every corporation has a love-hate relationship with startups. But Apple is most especially feared because they tend to copy the innovation from competing startups, rather than acquire the technology.

This year is no different. Here are the top startups, and subsequent improvements, Apple ripped off this year.

1. iTunes Radio will compete with Pandora, the original, beloved startup, who historically was first to the iPhone, most recently posted higher than expected earnings in Q1 with revenue at $126 million.

2. Mailbox, with a much-hyped recent acquisition by Dropbox, has “lent” Apple it’s gesture design.

3. Sunrise appeared to have inspired the new UI design of the upcoming calendar feature.

4. Blackberry 10’s back button feature will be in the new iOS 7.

5. The organization of “Moments” and photos is very similar to Flavyr, a photo-sharing app.

Of course, sometimes the behemoth attempting to catch-up and conquer doesn’t work too well. We saw this in the last release with iOS 6. Had Apple acquired a mobile navigation app (Waze would have been a great candidate), Google Maps may not have later dominated iOS devices.

On that note, Google is rumored to be considering Waze for an estimated $1 billion