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Improve Startup Culture with the Workspace

With all these tech startup companies booming in the “Tech Mecca” known as the Silicon Valley, it would behoove each and every one of us to take a look at some of the finer points that make the startup culture what it is.


For instance, with so much time spent and work done on the computer, how does a company exhibit its principles, beliefs and attitude without the assistance of an LED screen? There is, after all, an inherent dissonance between the conceptual space and the experienced space, and marrying the two together can be a tall (and necessary) order.


Startup culture has become exigent as a business model because it marries enjoyment with hard work, excitement of the unknown with just enough predictability. For technology companies and startups alike, this special blending translates into a never-ending desire to push boundaries and look for a better way. Process leads to results, and an office space that fosters creativity irradiates an environment where progressive ideas can live.


A San Francisco creative house, Butchershop Creative, designed 27 new wall spaces for the app performance startup AppDynamics through the conceptual capacity of the pixel. But it wasn’t enough to slap some random, pixelated images onto some walls - the conceptual space had to match the physical space. So Butchershop transcribed emotive and tech related concepts into visual representations, in which each wall had its own thematic spirit brought to life while simultaneously representing the core values of the company itself and the individuals who comprise it.


For a creative agency, this process is complex and tends to encompass a multitude of different aspects that need to be taken into consideration; but we’re not talking about corporate sensitivity or those ergonomic keyboards meant to induce efficiency. A project like this spans across varying discourses, beyond the realm of corporatism - like art, culture, corporeal space and abstract symbols. There was heavy research, incredible design, and an impressive amount of mathematical calculations (you don’t have a true appreciation for a centimeter until you are printing large sheets of vinyl to exact dimensions), all with the intent of forging a cohesive work environment.


When you’re dealing with 27 walls, the trick is to not make it feel repetitive. To accomplish this, Butchershop utilized a range of materials, spanning from: acrylic and plastic, vinyl and aluminum; from mirrors and glass, to 6×6 wooden tiles of varying thickness, offering the participant as much interactive variety as possible.


As technology becomes ubiquitous, creative projects like this become more important as ways to explore the ever-advancing horizons of its integration into the social workplace. For a startup like AppDynamics, this was a chance at unifying the companies’ internal network of thoughts onto graphic pieces of theoretical art. Any successful business owner will tell you, a workspace offers the individual a continual onslaught of visceral connections — whether you like it or not — and when this is taken into consideration the visual atmosphere of the place where you spend 8 hours plus a day seems significant.


Art can take on many different shapes. It’s always refreshing to find a company with the guts to do something unique when it comes to cultivating a work environment.