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10 Must Have Apps for the Traveling Entrepreneur

You’ve been groped by TSA, crammed into a tiny seat on a plane, and have a few hours to kill before you reach your destination. Now, it’s time to pull out the laptop and help the time pass, but two words stop you in your tracks: dead battery.


If you travel a lot for work, or even occasionally, no doubt you’ve been stuck in an airport, cab, shuttle bus, or on a plane with only your mobile phone to keep you company. Thankfully, there are some great apps to help you relieve the stress and even be productive. Here are some useful ones that every entrepreneur on the go should have at the ready:


  1. OpenTable – After that measly bag of peanuts on the plane, you’re likely to crave a real meal once you disembark. OpenTable allows you to make reservations at any of the 20,000 restaurants in their system – including 5 star locations. This free app won’t leave you (or your clients) hungry!


  1. Priceline – As a frequent traveler, you’re probably always in search of a killer deal. Priceline allows you to choose from special rates at more than 200,000 hotels and view exclusive “Tonight-Only Deals” for extra savings. Book future travel, reserve rental cars, and more. We love the “Name Your Price” feature – the thrill of seeing if your deal price is accepted is like playing a hand of blackjack.


  1. Dropbox – Access or share photos, documents, and videos with this convenient, cloud-based storage app. Dropbox puts what you need all in one place for easy reference on the go. We’ve used the app to prep for business presentations and even a great resource to show a prospective client past work.


  1. Google Drive – Another great cloud-based storage app, Google Drive also allows you to create documents and share photos and files. Plus, as a bonus, you can pin files so they’re available offline (a nifty feature for those times you just can’t get cell reception or find a Wi-fi connection).


  1. Hootsuite – If you’re a social media junky, the Hootsuite app is a must. With it, you can manage your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Foursquare accounts with the greatest of ease. You can also schedule updates for future posting, track results, and translate to or from more than 50 languages.


  1. Pandora – They say music calms the savage beast, so the harried traveler could certainly benefit from a little music when trying to navigate from Point A to Point B. The Pandora app allows users to create up to 100 of their own personalized stations so you don’t ever have to listen to one single song you don’t want to hear.


  1. Skype – Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you have to be out of touch. With the Skype app, travelers can make free voice or video calls to any other Skype user. Instant message friends or family, send photos, and stave off that homesick feeling.


  1. Google+ Hangouts – This helpful app allows you to enjoy a video call with up to 10 friends or family members. Or, perhaps, just that special someone. You can even view photo collections from each of your Hangouts.


  1. The New York Times – Keep up-to-date on current events, view videos and slideshows, save articles to read later, and share content through Facebook, Twitter, email, or SMS.


  1. Tripit – On the road again? All your trips starting to blur together? The Tripit app creates a detailed, daily itinerary for every trip you schedule and puts hotel info, flights, restaurant reservations, and car rental details all in one place. You can ever secure directions, maps, and weather reports for each destination. No more lost confirmation codes!