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Does Augmented Reality Work Alongside Windows 8?

These days, most gadgets are compatible with Microsoft’s brand new operating system, Windows 8, and its latest update, Windows 8.1.


As well as the Windows phone,  numerous tablets, and ultrabooks support the new interface with companies like Lenovo providing a wealth of great models. – click here for more information.


The question on many people’s lips, however, is whether Windows 8, which proved rather controversial when it was first released thanks to its bold style, has any decent apps. Well, the answer is yes. As well as the basics such as Facebook, Skype, Internet Explorer, SkyDrive, etc., there are also a host of applications that utilize augmented reality – a concept which superimposes sensory enhancements over real life objects for fun.


Star Chart


With so many stars in the night’s sky it can be hard to determine exactly what you’re looking at but this is where Star Chart comes in. By pointing your tablet at the sky you can get a unique insight into the cosmos and discover all you need to know about the Galaxy. It provides a wealth of information about the universe including planets, moons, rings, satellites and other celestial objects; it’s the perfect tool for budding astronomers and can be used alongside a telescope.


Corinth Micro Anatomy Augmented


Every wondered exactly what goes on inside you body? While now you can find out for yourself by taking a look inside. With Corinth Micro Anatomy Augmented you’ll be able to discover what organs such as the heart, brain, stomach, kidneys and liver do by holding QR codes to your body and viewing them through your device’s camera. Learning has never been so fun, so why not download this app today and see what all the fuss is about?




Travelling, hiking and experiencing the big bad world can be fun, but imagine if you had an app that told you more about the place you’re visiting. With TouchMountain, you can simply point your gadget at a mountain and it will reveal many essential details such as the name of the mountain and its peaks, how tall it stands, and the best routes to take if you want to explore it! TouchMountain will also provide you with a weather update from where you are to keep you safe and sound.




Want to burn off some calories from the comfort of your home or office? Well, now you can with the augmented reality fitness game BallStrike. Simply stand in front of your device and wait as you camera brings up a heat-map like image of you on the screen. The app will then detect your motions and allow you to swat at balls that virtually fly straight towards you. Even sitting down you’ll work up quite a sweat, but you can always stand up for a more intensive experience.


Augmented reality really came into its own in 2013 and looks set to be just as popular throughout the coming year and beyond.