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Google Reader Alternatives

With the closing hours of Google Reader upon us, the time to find a new source for our highly personalized news reports is here.

Ever since Google made the announcement in March, that Google Reader was going to be discontinued, there has been much speculation as to which company would be able to develop a replacement application. Many companies have tried their hands at generating an application that not only meets all the expectations set by Google Reader, but surpasses them. Over the past few months several emulations of Reader have been created, and it is expected, that companies like Facebook, and AOL will also follow, however so far, two particular applications have proven to be most preferable by ex-users, to becoming the replacement for the dying Google Reader.


An application available on iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as accessible through laptops, Feedly has made it easy for Reader users to transition from Google to their new Feedly accounts, by importing their customized news feeds, and keeping them intact. Feedly makes it easy for you to organize all the sites you follow in one place, and makes it easy to share the articles you read as well. Compared to the Google Reader, Feedly seems to be more visually appealing, and much faster than Reader was, in its dying days. Recently Feedly has also made an update, making it’s interface no longer dependent on Google’s RSS feeds.


Digg Reader:

The newest addition to the array of feed readers, Digg Reader is also one of the most flocked-to replacements for Google Reader. An updated version of the RSS Reader, Digg Reader is still in it’s beta version, with only a basic mobile reading function, however it has a promising future, with developments coming in week by week. Like Feedly, DiggReader makes it easy for Reader users to import their data onto the new site, but only has limited sharing services. Like Feedly, DiggReader is available on desktops, and iOS, and Android mobile devices.


So far, these two applications have rolled out to be on top of the Feed Reader race, but we will have to see what application Facebook, and other contenders have yet to come up with. Until then, it seems that while Google Reader will be missed, it won’t be missed for too long, because the alternatives make it easy for users to keep in touch with their daily news, as they improve by the minute.