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Let Your Audience Market for You With Social Media

Let’s face it, cheap labor is great – free labor is the best.


Forget about paid posts on social media, most people scan over these sponsored posts as “ad noise” – I know I do.


Instagram has begun showing ads for select companies, piggy-backing off its benchmark achievement: over 150 million active monthly users and 55 million photos posted per day.


Now the kicker is: How to get these users to be your brand’s greatest ambassadors?


How do you get your event’s attendees to share their experience and get more people going to your next event? These organic posts from Instagram friends are the most effective way of connecting with new, potential fans of your brand – connecting you with a network of friends with no paid posts and the trust of your mutual friends on Instagram.


Enter: Social Media engagement screens.


Tech Start-Ups, such as Eventstagram, realize the exponential reach of fans at an event will be far more effective at engaging new followers than paid posts and are capitalizing on the booming events industry.


It seems as if there is a new paint-themed 5k, mud and beer-inspired dash, and music festival popping up every week. So how do these events differentiate themselves from the herd and position themselves for greater success and more attendees next year?


By getting their attendees to share their experience and encourage more photos to be taken and posted while at the event – through these interactive Instagram slideshow screens.


Eventstagram reports dramatic increases in the number of photos posted to Instagram when their social media screens are placed at events. Event organizers and brands, such as Firefly Music Festival and Ferrari, have had noticed significant growth of their social media presence after implementing products like Eventstagram.


In today’s event industry, a service like  Eventstagram is the next logical step to connecting brands and fans while benefitting both parties, in a very organic and non-intrusive way. Eventstagram even integrates video and photo from all social media networks: Instagram (photo/video), Twitter/TwitPics, Facebook, and Vine. A great feature of these web applications is their ease-of-use. To get an interactive slideshow up and running, it only takes 3 simple steps – and your event’s fans will be spreading your content far and wide through their network.


The TwitterWall is a thing of the past as social platforms have become more visually-focused and appealing to event-goers. Furthermore, pictures tend to be more positive and much easier to convey a great experience, than a text-based message such as Tweeting. Eventstagram also provides options for completely customizable design displays and services for moderating photos so only the best content makes its way to the big screen.


As brands continually search for new solutions to engage their fans and spread their influence in social media, products like Eventstagram are a no-brainer. Whether a user is a music festival, a corporate event planner, or a wedding reception on the bride’s big day, these social media applications are a fun way to make your audience the center of attention and share your event.